Finding it hard to be motivated? Try this.

I have never been great with scheduling my time. In fact, just this week, I accidentally double-booked myself for both a seminar and a meetup with a good friend.

However, some days, it is particularly difficult to get anything done, whether tasks at work, responsibilities at home, or even personal projects. These “funk” days can sometimes turn into “funk” weeks if we aren’t able to get ahead of them!

Here is one thought that has helped me break out of a slump and still have a productive day, even if I wasn’t feeling like it.

Are you ready? The thought is this:

I can do anything for fifteen minutes.

Before I quit my most recent job, I had many days with lots to do, but little motivation. On these days, I would grab my headphones, find a good playlist, and set a timer. For fifteen minutes, I would focus intensely on the task at hand. Then, another task for another fifteen minutes. Then another. And before I knew it, not only was it time to go home, but I actually accomplished more things with greater quality than a normal day.

When I got home from said job, I would often be so mentally drained that I found it hard to do anything else. So I challenged myself to clean up, or make dinner, or whatever needed to be done, for fifteen minutes at a time.

The same goes for lack of motivation in your creative life. It is easy to put off things we truly care about because we don’t feel “inspired” or motivated. That mindset is the difference between those who succeed at what they love and those who don’t. Draw, paint, write, or whatever it is you care about for just fifteen minutes a day, and see what happens. Sometimes, fifteen minutes is all it takes to jump start your creative mind. In the fifteen minutes you spend doing what you don’t feel like doing, you might just find the inspiration to keep doing it for hours.

What are some things you’ve been putting off, avoiding, or struggling to finish? Can you work at them for just fifteen minutes at a time? Try it!


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